FESTIVE 500// DAY 1// 0KM

FESTIVE 500// DAY 2// 23KM

FESTIVE 500// DAY 3//124K

It was a rather disappointing start to the festive 500, when you plan all your rides carefully and are called to attend your studentjob at the last moment, because others called in sick. I spend my day cooking Christmas meals. When i finally had the time to ride, my bike had a flat.


The Christmaslunch escape, but not for very long. A late night and a full day on the second day of the festive.

When i finally woke up this morning, and was all ready to ride before it was lunch time, i realised that i hadn't fixed my flat. Rookie move. I will need to get a long ride in tomorrow to make up for the damage done this weekend.

A small, but rather windy 24K ride.


And i got a long ride in, at last. It was a day of wind, rain and a suprising dash of sun. It was the wind that brought the hammer. hard. But that didn't stop us, we wanted to cross the France border. Spending the day in the drops, looking down at the stem and just going. keep going. And that is what we did. Crossing the Belgian town Geraardsbergen, we HAD to have the local good 'mattentaart', the sugarrush helped us forward. And after 5 hours in the cold and wind, i was relieved to see my front porch.

The magic number 500 is finally getting closer. But so is the end date.

FESTIVE 500// DAY 4// 67K

Easy day of discovering new roads and sipping on home made icetea. A tiny adventure with the local Pletwaltzer. The legs felt like i ran 2 marathons in one day. I am definetely not used to long rides after each other. But it had been an interesting learning curve, figuring out fueling, how much i can handle. I believe that is what the festive is about, trial and error, but still kicking ass and smashing the pedals down to the end.


What makes you happy?

Think about it. What makes you smile, stupidly smile from ear to ear without thinking about it?

For me, this happens most frequent when i ride.

Riding by myself, seeing a view from up a hill, a nice street you’ve never ridden before, that strava QOM you wanted, little momentarily things.


Let me tell you about a little Belgian climb, that always puts that cheeky smile on my face.


It is called La Houppe, located in the so called ‘Belgium Ardennes’, only being 25K away from my home it is a frequent hitter. Whilst it is more fun to ascent than to descent, this little beauty is simply a street surrounded by nature, a beautiful little forrest with a street running through.


The thing that i admire the most about this 1.7k street, is that every time you go, you see it change. Every season, you see it differently.


The pictures you see beneath, will tell the story. Enjoy.